It all starts with qy00ts


Date: Early December.

Qy00ts is the 'kick starter' project to initiate funding of all future y00tshub projects. The art features baby y00ts with total re-illustrations and new iterations of your favorite y00t assets. With a small supply of 5000 at a low mint price (2 sol) we will raise 10,000 Solana to fund our future together. Here is a breakdown of how funds will be used:

Pie Chart

Right off the bat, we are using 51% of funds (5100 Solana) to sweep around 35 y00ts OR around 17 degods (or even a mix?). This sweep will occur ONE DAY AFTER the mint date and will be live-streamed to our community. We will hold votes on what floor y00ts/degods to snipe and YOU CHOSE which one you want for our vault.

The rest of our seed funds will then initiate 3 important projects we have already been working on (currently, funded by debt). Here is information on what's coming up next:


Date: Mid-Late December.

Subdaos are an important aspect of the y00ts community. If you are unfamiliar with subdaos, essentially, they are community run 'clubs' for different groups of assets within the y00ts NFT collection. For example, if your y00t has 'nouns glasses' then you will be apart of the nouns subdao. If your y00t has any type of sporting assets, then you will be apart of the 'y00ts athletics' subdao. Since these subdaos are community run, there isn't a club for every single y00ts asset yet. But with around 50 subdaos and counting, they are already incredibly popular and are pushing the exposure and boundaries of NFT collection norms never seen before.

That's why for our next initiative, we are launching customized y00ts for the top 20 most popular subdaos. With a supply of 500 each, these y00ts will have brand new, never seen, customized assets that are DIRECTLY related to a particular subdaos theme. We are onboarding A TON of talented artists right from the y00t community to take lead in these miniature collections.

The total supply of suby00ts is 10,000 (500 suby00ts per 20 subdaos). Suby00ts will kick off in mid-late December and from there on out, one batch (500 suby00ts) will drop every 7-10 days. The mint funds raised will contribute to three entities: 1. The lead artist 2. The subdao community they are based on 3. Y00tshub vault, for sweeping more y00ts/degods


Date: 2023 Q1-Q2.

Up until this point, we have been making derivative artwork within y00tshub. We want to take it up a notch. That's why we have two FULL TIME 3D artist and 3 developers making a '3dy00tifier' machine. Essentially, you can enter the ID of your y00t into this machine and mint a ONE-TO-ONE PFP replica of your y00t in three dimensional. We plan to also deliver the 3D files to these NFTs so you can download/print your y00t.

This collection will be limited to 5000 NFTs, so this will be a first come, first served utility.


Date: 2023 Q3 onward.

We want to phygitalize the f*ck out of y00ts. That's why the next evolution for y00tshub will be entering the physical- collectibles world. We are working with a SUPER awesome toy manufacturer (we will release all the details in the coming months) to make physical figurine collectibles.

We will start out with limited variation, and limited supply, and work our way towards scaling this manufacturing process until the point where we can make 1/1 3D figurines for every single y00t.


Date: 2024.

The last stop for our current plans is d00nuts, a franchise built for y00ts, run by y00ts. We plan to create proprietary IP and branding derived from y00ts to launch doughnut stores and food trucks. Starting in North America, our goal is to open 1 physical store and have 1 food truck doing a cross-country journey. Y00tshub will utilize its team and community talent to create branding, menus, and organize the sourcing and logistics for this business.

The ultimate goal is to make allow y00t holders to become franchisees in this operation, expanding a web 3 business all over the world. Once we make solid developments, this is something we want to approach Frank and Dust Labs with to really launch this idea into the stratosphere.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. We appreciate your support in any way or form and look forward to building a future with you.

Community is everything.